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Our Company

MODASTIL was born in 1987 from an entrepreneurial idea by Giovanni Bongi.

Our Company

MODASTIL was born in 1987 from an entrepreneurial idea by Giovanni Bongi.

The company, which over the years has always been based in Pistoia, took his first steps in the world of offering to retail stores Women shirts, receiving a progressive success bringing in a few years to retain an ever-growing clientele.

From here, driven by the enthusiasm deriving from the commercial successes achieved, the company begins to expand its offer, diversifies, gradually introducing trousers, skirts, jackets and dresses into its collections, up to the outerwear.

This is how, starting from the shirts alone, in more than three decades, we have come to offer Italian and foreign customers a total look that is sought after and appreciated by the woman who wants to dress with style, but with an eye to the contemporary fashion, always in constant evolution.

The ever increasing increase in the range of products and the related diversification in order to satisfy every need of an increasingly demanding clientele has led, over time, to the creation of two distinct sales lines.

The MODASTIL, line namesake of the company, contains everything that is made up, while the ANNA&GABRI line includes the dropped knitwear that completes the company offer, distinguishing itself for the quality of the yarns used.

How we develop our products

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A team of stylists and pattern makers works constantly to research the best fabrics and yarns, in order to always guarantee high quality standards.

Practicality anc comfort are essential characteristics for our products, such as keeping up with fashion, researching and developing models that are always current and trendy.

  • Practicality
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

Made in Italy quality

MODASTIL products are conceived, designed, cut and packaged entirely in Italy where qualified laboratories take care of every detail of the production phase in the best possible way in order to always guarantee high quality standards to the final customer.

Our Italian Style

Micro-pattern trousers
in pure cotton

Metal shirt with tube skirt
in viscose

Hooded sweater
in pure cashmere

T-shirt with applications
in pure organic cotton

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